what Landis wore - the shorts dilemma

let's start with the fact that i'm not big into shorts.
maybe it's the "casual" factor,
maybe it's too many years of being assaulted by men in cargo shorts
from abercrombie
(most of whom are technically ten years past the cut-off for the look.
and the brand.
and the people they are trying to date.)
but i've just never been a fan.

but once in awhile, i try.

i give the old "what the hell, it's hot, i should be able to do this. i've got great legs."

so this day, i attempted the navy short (D&G),
the gray pullover (banana republic)
and the hightop with the sock.

let's say i was tackling many fears at once.
the darker sock thing is something i'm seeing everywhere on guys,
and i just couldn't do the sport/tube thing with the lanvin sneakers.

you know, i'm an ass.

i'm trying to reproduce a look with a satin and suede sneaker.



i'm thinking it was a valiant . . . attempt.


Jim said...

I like the fact that you self confess to not really getting into the whole "shorts thing" but when you do it is straight to the D&G short. No testing the waters with lesser brand.

It took me ten years, but I have fully embraced my inner Californian and there are MANY shorts available to you that are neither cargo nor A&F.

Shoe choice remains my ongoing dilemma.

editor said...

I totally understand a resistance to "the 'casual' factor." I'm not the most comfortable in that mode myself. You do have good legs, and that's coming from a very very VERY non-A&F (never-have-been-never-will-be) customer.
I am very comfortable with leg and a dark sock.

landis smithers said...

jim - thanks for the vote of confidence . . . i think i'm still resisting the fact that i live so very far from nyc!

editor - merci, amie!

-h of candid cool said...

im thinking with the socks and hi tops shorter shorts.

Michael said...

I don't know if it's your expression, your legs, or those sneakers (which I thought I had to have until a little research revealed...umm, yes, I'll admire them from afar), but I'm sold.

landis smithers said...

you make me laugh,
and blush!

Beau RN said...

I have to say, I'm actually sold on it, on you, too. Not so much for me but I have no fashion adventurism in me but I love it when it works on others and it's working for you. Don't be shy.