some tips on dressing for yourself (margiela, panerai, hermes. . . it's not cheap, kids) -

i'm probably as sick as you are with all the "self-help" guru crap out there for men.
seriously, who gives a fuck about how to tie a windsor knot
(i can google that, thank you.)
or whether denim is officially "over"
(yes.  but not dead.)
or why men CAN use a face cream and still be men
(someone shoot me.  or ryan seacrest.)
how about we just have some fun with this,
and not be afraid.
for instance,
i dress for myself
(obvious, landis)
and here's what i'm licking up these days:
this martin margiela cardigan.  the ONLY sweater i need this fall.
i have a navy one from last year, it's flawless, 
part blazer, all knit,
compliment magnet,
thoughtless fashion.
the pants rock too.
someday if i make crazy cash
(that i don't sink into investments, property, or stupidly expensive sweaters)
i will buy this limited edition panerai.
the "california" dial speaks to me.
it says
"your life is less without me".
i never said fashion was kind.
anything hermes.
they are having a moment again in menswear.
watch for the resurgence.
alright, this scarf, losange, in particular.
i wouldn't call it a steal.
but it would complete me.
coveting the attitude of this guy in richard haines' sketch.
though richard is a friend,
he has yet to send me this attitude.
this delicious lanvin suit.
i have no place to wear such a colored suit.
but for this suit,
i will create an event.
wasn't that more fun than reading about why you should wear stripes this fall?
you are welcome.


what we can learn from women - anna della russo

this is an "icons of style" post in the making,
but anna is first, in a field where fashion is critical to her survival.
not husband hunting.
not envy-inducing.
she is the fashion director of Vogue Nippon, 
and they take their fashion deadly seriously.
we can learn from her that a fearless approach to fashion,
that wearing what one loves
(here's the key with anna)
one wants to wear it . . .
well darlings, that makes all the difference in the world.
(bright red lanvin coctail dress, mid-day, paris fashion week.)


florals? for spring? shocker.

while florals for spring 
are as predictable as a magazine cover stating:
what's happened in menswear with florals for next spring is rather interesting:
now, granted, 
these are martin margiela and alexis mabille,
but the addition of crochet to leather or sneakers,
and lace cut out of cloth and left raw,
makes florals seem tenable again.
of course you didn't believe me about legging under shorts, 
and look where that left you on the sartorial "know how" scale.



we should seek to age with grace, 
our style appropriate but youthful,
and our vices firmly intact.


underfoot, fabien baron -

design in a man's life should be omnipresent.
every detail counts.
so while we often explore clothing here,
we're going to talk about rugs now.
fabien baron is a legendary graphic designer.
calvin klein ads?
perfume bottles?
Bazaar magazine under liz tilberis?
so when he designs rugs, 
you have to expect that perfect blend of minimal flourish,
maximum impact,
and sensitive color palette.
the gradations are achieved from gradual addition or subtraction of hundreds of tones,
not dyeing.
we have only been able to afford one great rug in our home,
but it makes all the difference in the world.
it somehow adds motion and life to an otherwise calm collection of furnishings:


behind the scenes at Lanvin -

from "the selby",
a great site where a photographer gets to glimpse inside fashion cognocenti's homes,
the lanvin men's studios:
i love the spool of grosgrain ribbon
(a lanvin signature trim)
the wall of shoes makes me a little light headed every time i see it.
men need to love their shoes like this more.
it's one of the few forms of expression we are truly allowed.
lucas always looks so composed and disheveled.
that is an art.
the last trainers are ridiculous.
i would not wear them.
i would FRAME them.