ICONS OF STYLE : the curious case of victoria "posh spice" beckham

take this for what it is.
but one has to admit that ms. beckham
has in a far shorter time period,
and with far greater grace notes,
eclipsed her dandified arm-candy
to become a stylish,
fashion icon.
is she a true icon, hitting all the notes of our previous members?
does she have potential?
so let's look at this as a lesson.
in how one can evolve,
and develop the footsteps towards fashion icon status.
little vickie began to enter my consciousness somewhere around here-ish:
post music career, new hair, lots of designer label.
level: attention whore.
then this, which i saw in person at the mtv awards two years ago:
level : whore
but then, curiously, she began mingling with marc.
and this stuff began:
level : celebutante
ok, you say, dressed BY a designer does not make one stylish.
but off hours, we saw this happening:

a little rick owens.  a little hermes.
not bad.
 love or hate the choices, they suited her.
they carried some edge.
they took some guts.
and then, she designs her own clothes,
and they aren't horrible.
in fact, they are surprisingly chic.  and pretty.  and desireable:
i gotta say, i LOVE a charcoal pencil skirt, deep vee and fur shrug.
and as long as she can still wack out and do this every once in awhile:
i'm giving miss vicky an upgraded level.
level : icon, in training.


A.P.B. : i love this look

from the site : stylezeitgeist.com
it's the perfect casual modern guy look.
cool sweater, good bag, great denim, excellent shoes.
ok, now I want it.


Gossip Girl fashion breakdown :

i found these facts
absolutely fascinating.
in a sick, delicious, kind of way:
there are an average of EIGHT costume changes, per character, per show.
(it's like my dream day.)
there are SEVENTY FIVE alterations performed each day on set.
blake lively wore a pair of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR crocodile boots in one episode.
kelly rutherford, however, wore a SIX HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR
van kleef and arpels brooch.  in one scene.
the closet has TEN THOUSAND garments at any given time.
(i'm swooning. may have to take a break.)
TWELVE HUNDRED pairs of shoes.
(thud.  which is the sound of my head hitting the keyboard.)
(if there was a BIGGER way to emphasize HEADBANDS, trust me, i would have typed it.)
all i can say is:


WHAT LANDIS WORE : putting all the good stuff together at once

the march edition.
(neil barrett db blazer, american apparel leggings, co-op boots, mink fleurette)
(HK custom blazer, jil sander sweater, diesel black gold jeans)
(Viridi-Anne knit pieced coat, lanvin "crackle" gloves)
(diva sunglasses (shut up), Viridi-Anne "armor" shearling, 
jil sander sweater, lanvin silver heather pants)
(Viridi-Anne "armor" shearling, diesel pants, vintage work boots)
(lanvin suede and felt peacoat, blood and glitter jeans, lanvin trainers, red nose pit bull)