some tips on dressing for yourself (margiela, panerai, hermes. . . it's not cheap, kids) -

i'm probably as sick as you are with all the "self-help" guru crap out there for men.
seriously, who gives a fuck about how to tie a windsor knot
(i can google that, thank you.)
or whether denim is officially "over"
(yes.  but not dead.)
or why men CAN use a face cream and still be men
(someone shoot me.  or ryan seacrest.)
how about we just have some fun with this,
and not be afraid.
for instance,
i dress for myself
(obvious, landis)
and here's what i'm licking up these days:
this martin margiela cardigan.  the ONLY sweater i need this fall.
i have a navy one from last year, it's flawless, 
part blazer, all knit,
compliment magnet,
thoughtless fashion.
the pants rock too.
someday if i make crazy cash
(that i don't sink into investments, property, or stupidly expensive sweaters)
i will buy this limited edition panerai.
the "california" dial speaks to me.
it says
"your life is less without me".
i never said fashion was kind.
anything hermes.
they are having a moment again in menswear.
watch for the resurgence.
alright, this scarf, losange, in particular.
i wouldn't call it a steal.
but it would complete me.
coveting the attitude of this guy in richard haines' sketch.
though richard is a friend,
he has yet to send me this attitude.
this delicious lanvin suit.
i have no place to wear such a colored suit.
but for this suit,
i will create an event.
wasn't that more fun than reading about why you should wear stripes this fall?
you are welcome.


Rene Schaller said...

the watch also speaks to me, called two times last night and sended me some loveletters... I work hard for my upcoming lover!

Iheartfashion said...

I'd like to attend the event where you wear the Lanvin suit. Beautiful.

designerman said...

i am flattered to be in such company. i saw that guy on the train when i first moved to bushwick and i know i was in the right hood. what i loved-well, there are many things to love about him-but he was just starting to go gray-it was just a touch-in the thick, unruly beautiful hair.
he wore a black sweatshirt, black cut offs, black canvas shoes, and looked like a million bucks.
man do you have an eye. xxx

designerman said...

like my friend rene, that dial is making me insane with lust-it's gorgeous.

loulou said...

I'm still stuck on an ancienne (and thus expensive- o) montre-bracelet de Gérald Genta very simple with a tan (Coach-like) band oversized for my delicate (ahem) feminine wrist. Yep I can palm a basketball so I like the oversized.

Or, Landis, is Gérald Genta passé?

loulou said...

And that cardigan, divoon, but I'm sure I could knit that. I'm suuuure.
Maybe a Twinkle pattern? Hah.