RUNWAY RUNDOWN : prada, men's spring 09

some critic called this prada show
"the Gap for thinking people".

i think that about sums it up.

for men, it was tons of classic sihouettes,
but slashed, stretched, layered,
and re-thought.

though it's been done before,
miuccia prada has the ability to make things feel not just new,
but subversive,

and that is thrilling.

you may only "get" a piece here or there, but you have to acknowledge the imagination it takes to take these pieces and add . . . shoulder straps?

or to take these colors and basics
and make them in things like rubber:

i'm not wearing rubber raincoats
(not in public, anyway)
but i think the sweaters were perfect:

and yeah, that's the new way to do a piece of denim.

take notes american designers.
you can fuck with a classic.

as long as it's not anna wintour *.  that is one classic you don't mess with.

watch your malls, kidlets.
these colors, these lengths, these (less extreme) cuts?
they will find their way to menswear within a year.

* (look it up.  she's an icon.  she needs no explanation.)

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