stuff to skip : spring 09 runway

not everything on the runways is workable.

or should be.

here are a few that i would recommend you pass on:

jil sander color blocking.
could be my nineties club kid revolting against this,
could be my retinas.

the fuschia suit.
i'm all for color.
i might have favored this at one point.  when i was twenty.
now, not so much.

i mean.  i don't.  have to explain.  this one.  do i?

(oh please, tell me i don't.  unless you're like, a pro ball player with an affinity for colored suits.  then see this, and the one above.  and don't call me.)

and while i applaud and love his runways,
there are times when galliano heads a little into,
how does one put this?

scary porny clown territory:

with sandals.

although i think the swimsuits in the line?


why yes,
it is a hand bag,
isn't it?

1 comment:

Iheartfashion said...

Is that an elephant walking on a banana?