RUNWAY RUNDOWN : calvin klein, men's spring 09

calvin klein just don't get no respect.

perhaps it's just a wear-out factor.  maybe it's just the lack of "news".

perhaps it's the fact that it's almost become
a "anne taylor" for men's suits.
you know, nice, but kind of anonymous.

but you see the runway, and it's mix of sport and suit, and you think
"where is this stuff?  why can't i get some of it?  why do i never SEE IT?"

perhaps it's just that this is all that ever makes it to the racks:

you know, nice.

for a suit.

in a neutral.

i guess it comes down to the hard fact.  do you stand for this:

or this:

i guess a question people ask themselves every day.

not, however, something a brand can do.

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Gala Gonzalez said...

hahahaha well Pelayo is sometimes a Model yes...but hes more a fashion designer(he's got a personal blog too katelovesme.blogspot.com)...:P