well it wouldn't be me if i didn't include someone

this fearless,

this timeless,

and this chic,

would it, now?

cate blanchett has proven time and again,

over and over,

that with the right confidence and knowledge of yourself,

almost any fashion risk can be ridden to harbor,

and any occasion should inspire you to rise to the new.

she easily fits the five rules,

but she also inspires across gender with the radiance of her attitude.

her true gift?

she transcends whether you "get it" or not.

she makes you understand

that true style

is about the wearer:



Gala Gonzalez said...

"i am your dictator. get used to it."
i think im gonna like you!

jaime said...

i could look at cate blanchett like it was my job.

-h of candid cool said...

i fell in love with cate when i saw her in the man who cried.

she must be a designer's dream to dress.