what Landis wore : a recent Hermes scarf

i limited my purchases in paris
(gotta love the exchange rate.  stupid american dollar.)
but got this from the flagship.

had to.

years ago, tim and i walked through the hermes in chicago.
i had seen a recent lookbook
with a skinhead wearing a vivid purple silk scarf
as a headwrap,
(this was hermes marketing.  ten years ago.  brilliant.)
and wanted to see for myself.

as the woman behind the counter pulled out scarf after scarf
(anyone who has done this will tell you it is an insane experience:
the colors billowing over and over,
the SOUND of the silk unfurling, heavy, almost wet)
and talking about how men wear them all the time,
but you have to know how it eez done, non?

she showed us
seven ways to wear any one scarf,
and each way made total sense.

this trip's scarf was a similar discovery.
i asked if they had anything in blue and white,
they unfurled,
and eventually, a flurry of dots appeared:

their prints are unrivaled.
so sophisticated, so modern, so timeless.

but she stepped back,
and i saw,
that it was josephine baker.


note, only Grr could affect ennui so perfectly.

and this is how it's worn:

not for everyone,
but you can't describe the feeling of that heavy silk.
and every time,
people come up and comment, touch, and smile.

that alone is worth it.

tim bought me seven scarves that first time.
you wonder why this year's anniversary is number seventeen?

i can be bought.  ;)


dragonfly said...

Awesome! Simply Awesome, and your description of the scarf counter experience, well it tis exactly that way. Nothing compares!

editor said...

annnnnnnd now i love tim. i love tim for buying you 7 scarves.
great scarf - love that the pattern disappears when it's worn, tied, etc, to become a design to the eye and a secret for the wearer (if, that is, one chooses the right pattern. *sigh* i never do)

Iheartfashion said...

Tim is definitely a keeper!
The Josephine Baker scarf is stunning. I LOVE the Hermes experience of scarf unfurling, trying on. There's something about that store-the Paris flagship-that makes my heart race. My husband bought me a couple of Hermes scarves on our first trip together. Still love them. We can pat ourselves on the back for choosing husbands who are such great gift-givers.

landis smithers said...

dragonfly - i think the experience is dangerously addictive. i think it IS the sound of luxury.

editor - i suspect you could rock a good pattern . . . but like myself, probably have more luck/satisfaction sticking to patterned ACCESSORIES.

i heart - i suspect the heart racing comes from knowing you are at the epicenter of a world that is perfectly crafted and dream-like. that and the fact that your wonderful husband is about to buy you another scarf!