what Landis wore : the rick owens sweater

purchased at l'eclaireur in paris,
mainly because tim (i will blame him here, it was his fault.)
pulled it off the rack and said (i am not making this up, hence the "his fault" part):

"cool, they have it in charcoal gray.  you look great in this color."

and that was that.

the thing about ric owens' pieces is that by and large they look like . . .
piles of crap on the hanger.

then you put them on.

that is,
if you can figure it out.

there were two armholes and very very very long sleeves, but i ended up putting it on backwards.
and upside down.
until the nice salesclerk came running over and
in a very normal, non-french-judgmental way,
"ah, no, like theeez" . . .

and it all made sense.

it hangs open in front and trails and loops,
you can tie it,
toss it,
knot it,
or loop it.

it is angora and cashmere and light and thin as a cobweb.

it's tricky to wear, and not really that masculine,
and for those reasons alone . . .

it's good to challenge yourself and your comfort levels.

tim calls these things "pieces",
and even though you don't want a wardrobe full of them
(lest you become a walking V.O.F.)*
a few keep you inspired and thinking.

which is the point of this whole game, after all.

* V.O.F. - noun, victim of fashion

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-h of candid cool said...

what i love about those drapey sorts of things, they can be worn any way you chose.