take one thing off, start something new -

looking in the mirror is not something that men were usually encouraged to do.

luckily, my life has been anything but "usual".
i was born on the day the first men landed on the moon.
i was raised by a southern mother,
a dad who used more facial products than the counters held at the time,
and in cities that were replete with metro-sexuals . . . of all kinds.
london, new york, houston, chicago, san francisco . . .
i'm a city guy with exposure to all kinds.

ok, exposure might NOT have been the best choice of words . . .

i've been a club kid (there are pictures.  stick around.  catsuits were involved.),
a hard-core preppy (thanks mom and dad!),
a fashion victim (ah, epaulets.),
and occasionally,
fashion victor.

my best friend has described me this way.
we were talking about what superpowers we would attribute to each other.
i had told her she had something like "super-metabolism."  she said:

your superpower?  amazing design sense; good visual eye; cool wit; spending ludicrous amounts of money on small amounts of unique things; color coordination;  you know the drill.

i do indeed.

(you will learn quickly, ego is not an issue here.)

so where my other blog is about, well, my life, my dogs, my friends, my man,
THIS is about men's fashion.
but not "cargo shorts go well with a rugby" fashion.
because that's not fashion.  that's not even style.  that's an excuse.
that's lazy.
this is about real fashion.  cause there's alot of it out there.  and this is the no fear approach to it.

granted, it's not easy.
there are rules, but then again, there aren't.
some things work for everyone, some things don't.
but here's the key:

it is worthy of study.  respect.  appreciation.
it is complex.  artistic.  raw.
it has laws.  exceptions.  and ardent, angry, funny, delicious, complex followers.

and one tip for my guys.  if this seems random, confusing, or off, here's the thing:

you can memorize the stats of every college player in every sport on air.
you can build things i can't even pronounce.
you're men.

if you're afraid of fashion, it's time to grow some balls.

i'm gonna help if i can.  i'm blogging, you're learning.  deep breath.  here we go. . .

(ten points to anyone who gets the reference in the headline . . .)


editor said...

oh fun.
you'll have to forgive my trespassing, 'cause i'm going to!
...if you don't mind.
but i'll be quiet. ssshhhhh

landis smithers said...

come one, come all, baby girl.

this was in part inspired by the fact that you once said something about not being inspired by men's fashion so much, and i had to agree, but more because there is no one who talks about or shows the FASHION of men's fashion . . . or how to adapt and learn from it.

more monday!

Jim said...

Okay, I know the first part of the entry title is from Coco Chanel, but I can't figure out how the second part plays into it...

editor said...

i very very briefly contemplated venturing (back) into menswear with a blog but i quickly and wisely recognized that there were far more capable voices out there to do the job (one that sorely needs to be done). soooo glad you're gonna step up. i'll be listening.

Gretta said...

I, too, feel like I'm trespassing. I've always been good at that - ask my mom.

I'd like to see a feature on Yellow Belt please! (you take requests, right?)

Congrats on your new blog!

underneath said...

Congratulations with your new blog!

Stacy said...


looking forward to more.

designerman said...

let the games begin!

Slimmane said...

I have been a reader of your blogs since a couple of months ago. Thanks for this new one about fashion. Hope it will last long.

Whiskeymarie said...

I didn't see a "no girls allowed" sign on the clubhouse door, so I came in.

Love the new pad- it's lovely.

Serg Riva said...

Landis! This is great. very interested in where this goes...

Iheartfashion said...

Ooooh, I like this!

Carlene said...

I just found your blog via je ne sais quoi! Why didn't I hear about this sooner!? I'll be reading through the archives to catch up...