bravo, david colman. courage is a good thing.

the new york times men's style columnist
took a hearty swing at the bleak fall fashion landscape in a recent article,
pointing out what every guy who loves clothes knows all too well by now:
this recession, this economy, and the resulting buys at stores
have left us all
really cold.

it's blandsville out there,
a sea of conservative silhouettes
(and i'm not talking madmen, here)
and tonal colors.

i think the biggest surprise
was the lack of surprise.

and, interestingly, the retail sector is sucking wind right now,
no one is buying.

mr. colman posits that there is still a little bit of fascinating fashion out there,
and that the men who can afford it
are still reveling in it.

the accompanying examples of forward fashion are really well edited.  

but bravo to the columnist for championing not just the foreward fore-wearers,
but the need for them,
even in hard times.

click here for the STORY

and pics for those of you too lazy to read . . .

take me all the way home, baby.
rick owens fur headpiece,
thom browne jacket,
and ALL.

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Jaime said...

i actually was thinking about sending you a link to this article. that thom browne dealie is like my dream outfit, 20 years ago.