fashion is funny : designer t-shirts

most of the time when a retailer or designer
decides to collaborate with an artist on a series of t-shirts,
i find the results to be . . . bland.

the t-shirt is not just a canvas.
i think that's the mistake.
it's not just a blank piece of paper waiting to take whatever iteration of an artist's work
is deemed size appropriate or pretty enough
or, let's face it, saleable enough.

a great t is a little conceptual.  it makes you laugh.  it makes you frown.
it is it's own medium.

which is why i loved this piece.
stupidly, i don't remember where i found it or whom to attribute it to
(any help, kidlets?)
but i adore it.  i WANT it.

it speaks to me . . . by facing me when i wear it.


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