for awhile in the nineties,
during an extremely awkward time when prada purchased jil sander,
jil left, then came back, then left,
a designer named milan vurkomic took over for a few seasons.

i always really liked his work.
it wasn't as innovative as jil's original work,
or as standout as raf simon's work now for the brand,
but it was incredibly wearable,
very cool,
and very easy to understand.

you wanted his clothing in pieces,
not as a collection,
because there wasn't a true "look" put in place.

which is why it's interesting to see him re-emerge at an old company,
which is attempting a revitalization.

the first attempt?


it's a tiny bit lacking a point of view,
(every house needs a distinct attitude or vibe to stand out and draw customers),
but the wearability is definitely there.

let's see if this talented guy can pull it together this go-round
and make a house
jump forward. . .

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