fur, feathers, and what you didn't see coming this fall :

i love the runways.

in case you couldn't tell by now . . .

the showmanship, the over-the-top expression of a vision,
the clothes, the clothes, the clothes.

and the accessories. 

these are the ampersands that bring it all together.

like this fall's expression:

the gray fur of the lanvin runways

the feathers of the burberry prorsum show

hats at thom browne and lanvin,
valiantly trying to make a comeback beyond the justin timberlake fedora fiasco

ribboning.  interesting.
laced up at thom browne (one of those impractical, yet enchanting moments)
or lace-ups at lanvin.

a new use for glazed alligator.
i know.  you were trying to figure out what to do
with that glazed alligator lying around.
now you know.

now this i can see trending.
the lapel fleur.
you will see it in editorial, probably everywhere.
on the street?
let's keep an eye on the sartorialist.
he loves a lapel accesory . . .

of course, you can go this direction.
i kind of love it.  individually.
all together?
let's just say . . .

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