from the mouths of BABES - on impulses :

"it wasn't anything i had thought of getting before, just a spontaneous, 
"hello gorgeous" moment. 
these moments are always bigger than i am, 
and they have 3 possible outcomes. 
well, 2 outcomes really (either i buy it or i don't),
but 3 explanations. 
either the item is prohibitively expensive 
(that stops me most of the time), 
it doesn't fit, 
or it's perfect.  
willpower cannot be depended on."  
-  from the editor, in a recent post, describing how she feels when overcome by an object.

leave it to a lady to sum up that moment.  
and with a barbara streisand reference, too!

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editor said...

holy heck - working my way down and look what i trip over. myself!
"lady" i can take, that doesn't make me giggle the way "woman" would (well, you know, i'm no barbra).