patrick petitjean - male model du jour

male model of the moment,
patrick petitjean,
is a personal delight.

he is neither rugged god-like masculine,
nor anemicly boyish out.

he is almost a blend.  some modern hybrid.
hyper-male.  and androgynously waifish.

he recently shaved the beard.  for the one and only miuccia prada.

let's see where he goes from here.

(my favorite shot, by my friend, the insanely gifted photographer nathaniel goldberg)
(in leather)
(in hairspray)

(as a cover-boy, shot by liz collins)


Stacy said...

oh yes please!

Jim said...

Am I the only one hearing Depeche Mode singing "Your Own Personal Jesus"?

Iheartfashion said...

He looks so much like a guy I used to draw in life class!