RUNWAY RUNDOWN : thom browne spring 09

ah sweet thom.

how you have changed our pant lengths.

even i struggle with the short cuffs.  flash backs to growing pains in jesuit school, and parents who didn't want to invest in new pants every month.  i got used to ankles.  now, i'm getting used to it again.

in addition, we thank mr. browne for tight jacket armholes,
and endless litanies from tim blanks about the emasculation of the modern male.

i DO love how much he pipes his clothing.
so you see piping, shorter lengths, tighter clothing . . .
all hitting the mainstream.

this collection included some dropped crotches,
and as much as everyone is swooning over the "mad men" phenomenon,
i find the look oddly clumsy.

even though i'd kill for a suit,
this runway leave me oddly cold.

even with scuba suits.   and tutus.

i get it.

i just don't know if i care.

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