making the brand : the WRANGLER eupopean relaunch

one of the hardest things to do is relaunch a brand,
particularly in the minds of consumers who are accustomed to you in a certain way.

it takes a commitment to change,
an understanding that change takes time,
and a clear look and feel that rises up from the crowd.

which is why Wrangler's relaunch campaign for the european market is so exciting.

it relies on a bit of heritage (the outdoors, the primal, the wild)
adds a very modern twist (ryan mcginley's photography, a searing mix of sex and death)
and a post-modern idea (we are all animals)

i love it.

take a look for yourself,

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Iheartfashion said...

I would never have guessed that was for Wrangler. I wonder if they'll use anything similar for the U.S. market. I always associate Wrangler with cowboy.