STARTING FROM SCRATCH : the trench coat

this new feature is going to give tim a heart attack.

let's play "if i had nothing,
what would i re-populate my wardrobe with
in order to be a more pulled together dresser",

for these posts, i'm not going to call out the designer or where to buy the items.

the point of the exercise is to LOOK at the items,
to LEARN why these are somewhat more special than the generic category they represent.

and then,
to go find your own version of them.

so, to begin,
every guy needs a trench coat.

look for one in a medium weight, nothing actually rubberized or lined,
you want multiple wear occasions from this piece.

keep the color neutral, and the silhouette lean.
lean is key to being more modern,
and it shouldn't be too long or too short.

in general, mid-thigh length is perfect,
or just below the knee.  not at.  not ankle.

this is not the matrix.

(do i need to say no leather?  no leather.)

and then, look for the tailoring twist.
a special lining.
an inverted pocket.
a trim.

because it needs to stay current,
by being different enough not to date.

now, go.




loving the trench on guys...as long as no 'flashing' involved.

-h of candid cool said...

i know this is about men, but i love trench coats.

i think brad looked pretty good in his in oceans 12 was it, anywho, the 2nd one.

Jim said...

May I please have a pass on this item? I live in Los Angeles and if it rains we just stay home. Seriously.