RUNWAY RUNDOWN : gilded age spring 09

i've told my friend todd a few times
this is the way a MAN dresses.

you know, if you're the guy who can pull off the
"handsome" not "cute" thing,
or the guy who can be called
or the guy who can legitimately claim to have smoked and ridden horses
and been on a billboard.

or if you want to BE that guy,
then gilded age is your label.

doesn't matter if a purse falls out of your mouth when you open it,
these clothes are gonna butch up your world, fast.

what you can't tell from the pictures
(though feel free to click on them and examine with fervor)
is the attention to detail in this line,
the fact that much of it is still woven on original 19th century looms in north carolina,
or the density of the fabric and unexpected weights and hand-feel in the mixing and layering.

this is a man's line,
that doesn't seem to borrow from anyone else's line,
and doesn't go nostalgic.

1 comment:

editor said...

these are the types of clothes that give me... envy. love them.