STARTING FROM SCRATCH : the baseball jacket

i loves me some jocks.

but then, who doesn't?
so american, so rugged, so "letterman jacket/sock hop/virginity" laden.

and there's something great about having a classic baseball jacket
in your wardrobe.

mainly to appease me.

but when i say classic, i'm actually thinking something a little warped,
like this one:

mixed up,
but leather sleeved.

neutralized without the actual logos and letters
of a "borrower label"
(those who trade on nostalgia for credibility when there's a lack of design skill).

and with enough detail to keep the eye


i'm loving this with a white tee,
baggy khakis,
and a black wingtip, no socks.



editor said...

okay, i hate baseball jackets. in your proposed ensemble, where would the pant hem fall?

landis smithers said...

ok, think very "duckie" from pretty in pink.

oversized khakis, ala yohji, rolled cuff to break just at the wingtip, white ringer neck tee, jacket is intentionally slimmer in body and shorter than traditional.

help? or still hate?