i love a man in a uniform -

who doesn't?

but i've recently been pondering the possibility of a "uniform" for day to day.
not having to go into an office,
where the "jeans and a blazer / pants and a tee" attitude made getting dressed pretty easy
(there is no uniform for creatives in my field, but there was always a desire on my part to dress it up a bit, not treat the position with any disrespect.)
has made my day to day
a bit of a dilemma.

my upstairs neighbor is a writer,
and laments the "sweatpant" issue
which i gradually began to understand.

when the days bleed a bit, it's far too easy for a guy to slide into sweats, a tee, anything that makes it easy.

but i found that made me depressed.

i LOVE clothes.

i have started mandating a dress up moment
every day.

and hence, the uniform idea.

i've spent the last few years limiting the palette i buy to colors that work for me,
that make me feel powerful.
it's a very navy and stone colored world.

now i've narrowed to shapes, pieces, labels even
that fit, marry, and make me feel
powerful, comfortable, adult.

does this constitute a uniform?  and if so, do other guys find themselves
not in a rut,
but in a refined form of presentation?


Jim said...

I work from home. If I am going to the gym at noon, I will be wearing my gym clothes all morning.

I find I get up and launch my day with whatever I have on hand, shorts, flip flops, casual. But f I have an event, like lunch, or going to the grocery store, I get "dressed" with real clothes. Shirts with collars. Shoes that cover my toes.

My friends often wonder why I show up in a tie for the movies at night.

ricola said...

grey, blue, brown, black & white are my primary colours. i'm experimenting with green and yellow as options. ;)

editor said...

hmmm, yesterday i went to brunch and when i joined the table, one of the members of the party commented, "ooo, fancy." i looked her slovenly self up and down and said, "not really."
i dress for me, and since, like you, i love clothes, i do not take weekends off. what i'm doing rarely dictates what i wear since i am always occasion enough. ;)

designerman said...

my father was a navy officer. that photo was basically what i saw my father wear to work every day. crisp white cotton in the summer, deep navy and black wool in the winter.

and i wonder how i got into menswear?