SHOE FETISH : flesh for fantasy thanks to oki-ni

you know how you hate certain things
at the same time that you deeply love them?
like those republican rape fantasies you keep having.
yep, like that,
that's how i feel about oki-ni,
a little shopping site for men over in europe.
and no, i am not immune to their temptations,
i have succumbed to the limited edition 
orange raf simons sunglasses:
the spring shoe selection.
i want.
and yet i should not want.
it's recession guilt.
brought on by oki-ni!
(here i am raising my fist in the air and shaking it like an angry person.)
sure, sure.
new running shoes from alexander mcqueen and puma.
i can handle this.
i'll just NOT imagine them with rolled khakis and a gray tee.
some people would call this low.
because i already have this STYLE,
but not this color combination,
and they are sooo comfortable and work with everything.
and some would say that offering said style also in 
was playing dirty,
but not i.
i am just quietly weeping to myself.
fetal position.
i think the academic term for my response to this margiela gray suede boot
involutary urination.
it's pavlovian.
so, i think we can all agree,
love to hate you.

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Iheartfashion said...

I can totally understand your reaction to those blue leather McQueen's.