what landis wore : evenings out in los angeles

things i've noticed about myself recently.
1) i am old.  
a night "out" no longer requires any of the following items:
velvet catsuits.  riding boots.  masks.  eyeliner.  
(just ask tim.  i am not kidding.)
2) los angeles is making me dress up MORE.
perhaps it's that you can walk into any restaurant in jeans and a tee here
that makes the landis want to pile on the fur.
it's dinner out, you slobs.
not a screening of a seth rogan film.
3)  i gave up trying to define my style 
in the same way i gave up trying to describe myself.
like all good things in life,
experiencing it is better than talking about it.
(rick owens tee.  lanvin cardigan/wrap.  diesel pants.  bottega loafers.  gray sable scarf.)
(burberry prorsum blazer, h&m turtleneck, mochi silk twill khakis, grenson navy patent wingtips)
wait.  gets better.
2/3 of the items.  70% off.
i AM aware of "these troubled times".
eat it, pessimists.  you CAN buy happiness.

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