what landis wore : the rick owens coats from JOYCE, hong kong

rick owens
(you all know how i feel about him.  le sigh.)
started his whole gig here in los angeles,
and after a month here, i completely get it.
the whole rumpled, assymetrical, stealth luxe thing,
the touch of biker, bad-boy, teenage angst,
the casual meeting the bondage . . .
it's perfect for this city.
i have three of his pieces,
all purchased in hong kong at the most gem-like retail store in the world,
to get to the men's section in Joyce (i capitalize out of respect),
you have to wander through the house section, to an abalone shell encrusted door,
press the button,
and wait for the tiny elevator to take you up to the hidden third floor.
there, you are released into several rooms filled with . . . well,
filled with a perfected selection of men's clothing.
it's like louis, boston, but without the need to add in conservative pieces.
it's like maxfield, los angeles, but without the need to add the chrome hearts and the sequins.
it's like atelier, new york, but without the heavy goth touch.
it's like landis.  and every time, though he was based in l.a., and now is in paris,
i have found a rick owens piece that i could not leave without.
from this:

(rick owens denim jacket, diesel sheer cardigan and jeans, co-op boots)
a denim jacket
that has the perfect, toxic, wash, over-long sleeves (an owens hallmark),
and hidden pockets for all your stealth needs.
to this:
(rick owens washed lambskin jacket, diane declerq scarf, jil sander sweater, levi's jeans)
the most "yes, i can comfortably die in this" jacket i have ever owned. 
his leathers are cut like armour, to your body without restricting,
with narrow sleeves, tight in the torso, and exaggerated collars.
to this:

 (rick owens pieced lambskin, silk nylon, and cotton jacket)

the ultimate "didn't know i needed it" jacket,
which like the others,
was hanging on the rack in joyce,
silently pining for me,
ready to
"complete me".

no, literally.

(disturbingly materialistic and "these troubling times" inappropriate comment, courtesy of landis)

(all rights reserved.  landis is a wholly owned subsidiary of landis inc.)



man that brown Rick Owens jacket is everything!...I love it

Iheartfashion said...

I'd give a kidney for the brown lambskin.