the insanity of barney's final sale, or, god answers my prayers, and in my size.


i had stalked this piece all season.

granted, i have recently moved to los angeles,
so there is no reason at all for another winter coat in my closet.

let alone a jil sander one.

and then it went on sale.

and i ignored it.

and it was second mark down.

and i tried it on, turned in front of the mirror,
and ignored it.

then it went on final markdown.

and i visited it, petted in, and sighed.

then, god showed me the reason for my move down here.

he marked it down again.

it was 87% off.

and there was one left.

in my size.

so this (yes, you see right) little pleated number now sits quietly in my closet,
waiting for a trip to a chilly clime.

the lord works in mysterious ways, my children.

go forth and spread the good word.


Carlene said...

That. Is gorgeous. 87% off. I *knew* god worked at barney's.

Jim said...

That Barney's sale was PHENOMENAL! I hit it in Las Vegas and got nothing, while Lyle got Comme Des Garçon shoes.

Iheartfashion said...

Barney's Boston is practically giving clothes away too! I've never seen anything like it. You'd be crazy NOT to buy.