and today,
mes petites,
a palate cleanser.
some sorbet of sorts
after the flurry of pugh and owens i've been feeding (force?) vous.
forgive the advanced fashion,
and enjoy the sober, stunning beauty
of tomas meier's bottega collection.
the price, no object.
the lesson, no brainer.
beautiful quality and beautiful boys
make for beautiful moments:
look at the texture!
the briefcase you never knew you wanted.
the collection you knew you needed.
were money, 
and lifestyle,
no object.


Iheartfashion said...

Tomas Meier can do no wrong!
That leather bomber is perfect.

Fashion Expert said...

The color and the cut remind me of the new simplicity Romeo Gigli gave to menswear in the 1980s. I have always thought he was a pioneer and like Thom Browne changed, if not saved menswear. This collection, I believe, moves the needle past Thom Browne because it is soft and unassuming while being confident and strong. It is all about that delicate balance. Something is not perfect when nothing more can be added. Something is perfect when nothing more can be taken away. I feel like this is something Mr. Maier understands implicitly and Mr. Brown sometimes just doesn't understand.