in a suprise this season,
the "eminently wearable, yet interesting" award
goes to alessandro dell'acqua.
in a wave of camel and gray,
he took to the runway with a presentation that was both
1) easy to understand
2) fresh to the eye.
as you will see through these posts,
there is a preponderance of good outerwear for men this season,
and a definite "short over long" proposal,
with the semi-sheer long knits that rick owens has posited for years
showing up on many runways.
dell'acqua is also about seperates,
a key piece making a look,
and this took an interesting turn for evening,
with metallics showing up in a truly
glam meets luxe treatement:
and while the glitter is a proposition not everyone may love,
the simple gray velvet suit in the mix
was perfect in both silhouette
and styling:
this was a suprisingly strong show,
that will probably receive limited coverage,
yet good sell-through in the stores.

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