fall 09 fashion runway rundowns are coming -

as usual,
i'll be blogging the fall men's shows for you.
this is a little pre-promise,
so to speak.
i know some of you have problems wrapping your heads around
some of the looks i've advocated.
(tights under shorts, anyone?)
but this time around, i'm going to prep you.
i will NOT be advocating these looks for men:
these are from the bernhard wilhelm show.
i applaud originality,
and lord knows i like a half naked boy on a runway.
this is not originality,
this is self-indulgence.
not chic.
not my fall 09.
more soon,

besos, babies.


Carlene said...

I will be keeping an eye out for the sad, tatooed skiing mime hanging out in Soho smoking to show up on the Sartorialist.

landis smithers said...

HA! excellent. you KNOW he would post that one, with some comment about how "unusual" the cuffing of the pants was.

Carlene said...

Exactly. And then someone from Södermalm will write please, the tattooed skiing mime look has been over for at least a year.

Iheartfashion said...

Spot on, Carlene!
I prefer the tinsel-bearded joker myself.