dear mr. rick owens.
please send the following pieces from your fall show
to one landis smithers,
west hollywood, california,
while we understand that some may struggle with your
(incredible, fragile, tough, romantic, gothic, modern, tender)
we do not have such issues,
as we have tried the kool-aid
and found it much to our liking.
perhaps it is the ability to look past half-shaven pates
and runway styling
and focus on:
great quilted outerwear and a new standard in "military" boots.
beautiful leathers, with architectural (and armor-like) qualities
draped layering knits and almost classic tailored pieces.
primitive fur. perhaps the only way for a man to wear fur.
dramatic overcoats.
a crocodile (alligator) jacket
washed down to be as soft as lambskin.
and the exit that made me think
"no, i could never. yes, i must."
like the leather leggings of the givenchy spring show,
a gold leather miniskirt
seems almost achievable.
when people talk of timelessness in men's fashion,
is how i see it best expressed.
even if it doesn't fit the conservative mold,
there is not a piece here that ten years from now
will not look as fresh,
as comforting,
or as masculine.
thanks in advance, mr. owens.
i look forward to the arrival of my packages.

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Iheartfashion said...

Ignoring the asylum hair, these pieces are totally gorgeous.