i've always said that certain retail chains could turn their whole damn chains around
if they'd step away from all denim all the time
and try and re-imagine a category.

take khakis.

they're just as, if not more so, functional as denim.
they are a touch more versatile in the dressing up category.
and done right, they actually make you look unique in this denim mad world.

but they have to be rethought a bit.

first, the fit.
don't we all want a waist?  i think waists are great.  i think all the crunches and laps in the pool are done for a reason.  and even if we're just sitting at starbucks on santa monica watching the waists go by, we WANT them.   so how about cutting a khaki that emphasizes that, huh?  so hard?  really?

and perhaps we can leave the pleats behind.  as in "the trash".

i think now is probably the time to add a little volume to the leg.  much more modern.  nothing viktor and rolf-ish (for those of you that missed the reference, e-on over to style.com and look it up.  you people really need to read the syllabus before you come to class.)  but a little breathing room so you can sit down. 

and perhaps a slightly fuller lower leg.  i'm not asking for hammer pants, just something more like this.

add a bronze button, a pair of trainers, and a tee, and suddenly, you're neither the chelsea clone, nor the dockers boy.

how refreshing.

alright, i'm done with you.  go away.


Carlene said...

What, you're not going to tell us who made those khakis? Did I miss something?

landis smithers said...

nope. good question, petite, but the point of this series is that great work can be done with simple things, and cost and label shouldn't matter. i don't tend to list the designer in these because i truly believe ANY manufacturer could make/produce these things and make them readily available. thereby, making the world a better place for humankind.

Carlene said...

Yes, they could. And they should. And it would.

sigh, you and that editor gal.