A.P.B. (bring me the head of rick owens)

ok, if anyone sees this man,
please bring him directly to me.

do not stop go, do not collect anything he has lying around his showroom,
do not spend inordinate amounts of time chatting with the exquisite white-faced boy child he has manning the floor of his tribeca flagship, do not attempt to charm something fur-related from the charming woman in his place on the palais royale.

simply gather as much merchandise (medium) as you can get your hands on,

example A:

example B:

example C:

grab him by his big muscley arm,
pull him out of that damn fog he's so fascinated with,
and drag him to my place.

and try to get here by six,
i'm having coctails on the roof and i really hate to start parties without all the guests there.

it's rude.