SAM SAFFMAN (file under "male models i have known", petite crushes, good guys, and "casting tapes that mysteriously end up on the interwebs through no fault of my own".)

i've worked with many models,
and some just rise to the top.

stop it, you pigs.  i mean they're pretty talented and they are pros,
AND they manage to be pretty nice normal guys.

i worked with sam for about three years at old navy,
and watched his career expand over time.

this was the first casting tape i ever saw him on,
and it kind of hits you right away what you have to do
if you want to be a succesful model,
but also a good all around guy:

1) learn how to bashfully tug on ear.
2) develop irresistable accent.  (practice by growing up in leeds)
3) occasionally display incomprehensible tattoo under arm
4) be genetically blessed.
5) get guys to gush like twelve year old girls on their blogs about you.

there.  that shouldn't be so hard for you guys to accomplish.

i'd start practicing.



Jim said...

I don't want to date him. I want to BE him. Please tell me he has some flaws so my life will seem less tragic.

Anonymous said...

Both Sam and the other model @ Old Navy,Matt,are to die for lol