FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES - investment dressing

this is in reply to a question richard posted on my other blog

about how many lanvin trainers i own.

i find that an intensely personal question,
so instead of answering in a direct and honest fashion, i'm going to point out to you all that when you find something of quality that makes you feel special, something that works more than one way for you, something that gives you that little thrill inside, you should buy multiples to cover your bases.

this holds true for every category in fashion, from american apparel deep v necks to good denim, to brazilian pool boys. 

i, personally, continually strive to reach the nirvana of the perfect closet,
well stocked with casual basics (by rick owens),
everyday wear (by martin margiela and raf simons)
and that "item" piece that pulls the twain together (most often, lanvin.  surprise.)

so, in closing,
i would say it's rude to ask "how many"
and more polite to ask
"how do you like the latest pair?  isn't navy wonderful?"

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up and down town said...

i own 2 items in multiples (white v-neck tees do not count) where i have the identical item in another color.
but it's irrelevant if they're multiples or different things - if you're in love and it's magic for you, and you can afford it, you buy.