RICK OWENS : a tone poem to the women's fall line

for a man to do both genders so well,
it's kind of amazing.
rick's early adopters were women who understood how to take his more extreme work,
mix it into their wardrobes,
and use the edge to individuate, not isolate, themselves.
now, with his work in fur,
there's a "ball it up and go" quality that his leathers had,
yet a luxe quality that is new.
it's modern, yet old world.

realize i just wallowed in the fur and leather end of his line,
while there is so much more to it.
but i think there is a subversion to working proudly in the medium
that speaks to him clearly as a personality.
these are pieces not for show,
but to be handled,
taken out to challenge the environment and the world.
i loves me some fuzzy pretty things.


Rene Schaller said...

the furs are so chic, they look so soft and beautyfull.

Iheartfashion said...

Love it, every bit of it.

ZY(Zakuro Yugo) said...

Gorgeous but at the same time Cool and Edgy.

I love Rick Owens.

Kathleen said...

That first piece: WANT.