IF I WERE A GIRL : CELINE, and why it matters again.

follow me here.
there is a designer named phoebe philo.
she used to design under stella mccartney (yes, THAT mccartney)
at a label called chloe.
big success.  launched stella into her own line.
then phoebe took over and a funny thing happened.
chloe got even better.
then one thing led to another, she left to raise her child.
women mourned.
who would make the cool, but goes with everything clothing they loved.
now, phoebe is back,
at a label called celine (CHUH-LEAN).
and in her first collection, she nailed every spring trend,
and made it work in a way women will want to wear,
not just look at on blogs.
this is your label to understand spring,
this is what I would buy from celine
were i a girl:

this opening look combines leather, black (the spring secondary color), short, minimal.
it's a home run.

no, she (i) won't wear it like this.
but the white shirt is timeless and amazing,
and the skirt is too cool (leather trim.  sigh.)
worn with a tee, it's perfect.

the lacquered black mattelasse (dimensional pattern) coat
will last until you wear it out.

same with the dress.

a little fashion forward,
but every woman wants a piece in their wardrobe
that makes their girlfriends go
"damn. that's cool. and she pulls it off."
guys should learn from this.

and, done.
learn from this the following things:
1) black and white and beige are best when teamed with unexpected texture, color, or silhouette.
2) one strange piece sets the others in your closet into contrast, and elevates opinion of you.
3) phoebe philo is fun to say out loud.


loulou said...

I like Jil Sander & Ann Demeulemeester together. Is Phoebe Philo (I said it outloud as I typed) kind of one-stop shopping for that look?

Although, fashion dictator, I would need a Shot of colour when wearing beige and white. Maybe orange? Or violet- my fave.

Landis said...

i think you're on the right track. and if you can find celine, think of it as jil meets a sexier younger sister.

and color is fine, those are great, but honestly . . . spring is ALL neutral all the time.