IF I WERE A GIRL : CHANEL, of all things . . .

chanel has long struggled with the fact that it is viewed as an "older" brand,
suitable for a certain chic woman of a certain age
with a certain income to afford it.
this spring show we saw a lighter,
insouicant chanel.
and thanks to kaiser karl,
a host of ideas about how to make fashion,
true, high end fashion,
desirable even as it is wearable.
not an easy feat.
but, here is what i would buy from chanel:

this cardigan is so cool, i'd wear it even as a boy.
seriously, karl, gimme.

ditto for the leather topper.
makes the dress younger,
makes the patterned tights cooler.

i don't know.  i love a slouchy pant and a tiny jacket.
even a tiny tweedy fey jacket.

then there was the whole bell skirt thing.
i liked.
and i began to see how the layers of texture and craftsmanship
made all the neutrals interesting.

and this, it's like a post modern punk chanel girl
out to run this town tonight.
rihanna, take note.
take these notes:
1) neutrals, again, better with texture and details.  think nubby and linen and texture.
2) black balances and grounds everything here.
3) a little bejeweled wheat hair adornment really helps kick an outfit up a level.

1 comment:

Amanda McKeel said...

I want to die in Chanel. So, if Chanel is viewed as clothes for old, rich women, my dreams will come true:)

The brand is timeless and Lagerfeld is genius. YOU are my hero btw, especially if you rock that cardigan. It's fabulous, like you:) xo

ps: If an older woman can rock some of Karl's resort wear, kudos to her: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/2011RST-CHANEL