RUNWAY RUNDOWN : tim hamilton fall 09

while everyone is out looking for
"the next american menswear designer",
he arrived quietly several years ago.
i bought my first tim hamilton piece in hong kong,
unable to resist the acidic yellow
and coutureish ruching on a cotton hoodie
that had the weight of athletic wear you remember from middle school
rather than the almost flimsy quality of mass brand work these days.
i have worn that thing into the ground.
each season, tim hamilton has explored and expanded,
moving in ways that are hard to chart,
giving us "american" sportwear
with a twist.
this fall, he opened up his oeuvre:
more formal,
more dress,
and how much do i want that printed trench?
and the knits?
the footwear is great, too.
but the sportswear took a huge leap,
into new forms
and a distillation of many of the new trends:
the last look?
me.  all me.
(and he just launched womenswear.  go.  find.)

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