RUNWAY RUNDOWN : the thom browne conundrum, fall 09

for anyone who follows fashion,
thom browne is a bit of a fascination.
there is no denying how his vision of the modern man
has transformed the way every man 
wears clothing.
higher armholes,
shorter pants,
smaller jackets,
it's all thom.
but as we all know,
it's a pretty strict vision.
unlike a lucas ossenjdriver at lanvin,
or a rick owens,
there is little experimentation in browne's language,
his jazz is relatively one note,
not very coltrane.
so you get used to the parade of short shorts,
gray and pops of color,
knee socks,
and a tutu thrown in here and there.
fall 09:
hear me in that i am not dismissing the essential beauty of the clothes he creates.
there is a pristine sense of wonder to them,
even if they would have trouble translating to most of america.
for now.
and the hand and quality of his work is beyond peer in person,
so it justifies the staggering price point.
but it has become the outlandish whimsy
that makes me sit up and enjoy him these days.
stripes, plaids, and patters writ loud!
and red pants.  RED pants!

and coats best seen from the back . . .

and perhaps my favorite
in the parade:

something to wear,
JUST to wear.
and that is thom's gift.

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