wow. where the hell did i go?

fell off the face of the blogosphere for a bit.
wasn't shopping, though.
was finding my way through a new life/career thing.
loving it.  hating it.  loving it.
such is my nature.
back now for a bit.
think we should talk about the spring shows, right?
but first, a bulgari interlude:
our roofdeck this summer
our living room
the bedroom
our bathroom.


the bulgari suites in milan.


where i SHOULD have been, lo, these last many months.

1 comment:

Jim said...

I think we can make that rooftop happen. We're going to need some wood decking, pots and plants, and some strong people to carry it all upstairs. Oh, and some money to buy all that stuff.

As for your living room, well on its way. More hotel lobby seating groups please.

Bedroom? I'm not going there.

Bathroom, knock out a wall.