DU JOUR : a daily dose of beauty and inspiration

new postings starting today.
i will be adding one piece of personal (recent) inspiration here for you to learn from.
i may tell you why,
i may not, 
but each image moves me and leads to some form of insight into what men should/could/would 
need to live a fuller life.
glassware from stefano tonchi's apartment in new york.

for years before we owned our first place,
tim and i would collect handblown glasses.
we built a beautiful collection that we never drank from,
in all colors and sizes.

when we finally moved into our first home,
they began being used,
and we moved from "college apartment" living
to "young adult" life.

objects can provide marking points in life.

beauty can be the landmark.
the eye needs to be pleased.  the eye needs to be challenged.

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