what we can learn from women - BOTTEGA VENETA RESORT 08

let's face it,
guys just don't get the options or the range women do,
and even though that is changing rapidly
(roland mouret is doing menswear!  look it up.  it's major.)
we are still left out of many of the changing whims of fashion,
for better or worse.

resort is actually an example of the "worse".

a season that used to be primarily for the very very wealthy who would escape to resorts during the holiday season, "resort" has become a fourth season in fashion, primarily due to the shifting nature of both weather (thank you global warming), and the travel patterns of the world's influencers, with clothing that is almost season-LESS.  think great infusions of color in the middle of a drab winter, and great pieces to layer. 

witness bottega veneta for women.  it's a lesson in indulgence, timelessness, and the use of COLOR:

use this as inspiration for HOW to use color.  note the grounding of gray.

note the classic cut on a leather coat, but the new use of color. 


and color.


and hell yeah.
a sense of humor, baby.

cause you might be a guy, but the best way to do color,
and suddenly, it all loosens up.

luxury is not knowing that you have anything on, baby.

act naked, and anything can work.

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Adore this collection!